Pope Slams Biotech Agriculture on World Food Day

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Continuing on October 19, 2016 World Food Day, from his message of the 2015 Environmental Encyclical issued by the Vatican, Pope Francis said “From the wisdom of rural communities we can learn a style of life that can help defend us from the logic of consumerism and production at any cost, a logic that, cloaked in good justifications, such as the increasing population, is in reality aimed solely at the increase of profit. In the sector in which the FAO works, there is a growing number of people who believe they are omnipotent, or able to ignore the cycles of the seasons and to improperly modify the various animal and plant species, leading to the loss of variety that, if it exists in nature, has and must have its role. Producing qualities that may give excellent results in the laboratory may be advantageous for some, but have ruinous effects for others. And the principle of caution is not enough, as very often it is limited to not allowing something to be done, whereas there is a need to act in a balanced and honest way. Genetic selection of a quality of plant may produce impressive results in terms of yield, but have we considered the terrain that loses its productive capacity, farmers who no longer have pasture for their livestock, and water resources that become unusable? And above all, do we ask if and to what extent we contribute to altering the climate?   Not precaution, then, but wisdom: what peasants, fisherman and farmers conserve in memory handed down through the generations and which is now derided and forgotten by a model of production that is entirely to the advantage of a limited group and a tiny portion of the world population. Let us remember that it is a model which, despite all its science, allows around eight hundred million people to continue to go hungry.”

International Monsanto Tribunal October 15th 8:30 am GMT+2- The Hague

The Monsanto Tribunal is an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations, for crimes against humanity, and for ecocide. Eminent judges will hear testimonies from victims, and deliver an advisory opinion following procedures of the International Court of Justice. A distinct and parallel event, the People’s Assembly, provides the opportunity for social movements to rally and plan for the future we want. The Tribunal and People’s Assembly take place between 14 and 16 October 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands.


What You Can Do To Keep GMOs Off Your Dinner Table

From Organic Consumers Association:  Why do we categorize factory farms (euphemistically called Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or CAFOs by the government and industry) the “malevolent profit-driver and lynchpin” of industrial and GMO agriculture?

  We need to aggressively mobilize a full-blown online and on-the-ground food fight, complete with marketplace pressure, popular education, boycotts, litigation, brand de-legitimization.  Factory farming is a trillion-dollar industry that has a devastating impact on food quality, human health, animal welfare, farmworkers, rural communities, water quality, air pollution, biodiversity, and greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, two-thirds of all farm animals are now confined on factory farms. In the US the figure is even higher—90-95 percent. ”

Food Columnist for NY Times and Time magazine, Marc Bittman quit his dream jobs after hearing what the World Health Organization had to say about factory farming, of which GMO crops and foods are an integral input.   He said: My new dream job is to get healthier food onto the plates of more Americans.

Is Organic Food from China safe for your family?  Get the details from the Food Revolution Network

Time to Stop Letting Our Planet Be Destroyed by Greed, Politics,Poisons!


 Progress: First Nations are leading the way on the Failing, Flawed and Dangerous GMO Technology –  If Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau can stand up for native peoples’ rights in Canada, we should be able to get the US to do same when it comes to citizens not wanting invasive GMO salmon http://earthjustice.org or promiscuous GMO crops.  8/31/2016 update “The biggest problem with genetic engineering in agriculture is that it runs completely against the grain of sustainable agriculture. It separates the domain of science from the domain of farming community. It externalizes everything that was internal to the communities and formed the basis of sustainability: seeds, manure, pest control and more than anything, community knowledge of agriculture. Biotechnology in agriculture today stands as the manifestation of corporate power that is shaping the food and farming policies in India. That is the reason why we must see biotechnology less as science and more as politics.  Genetic engineering (GE), strangely, rides on the slogans of feeding the world and sustainability. It also claims that transgenics, a major product of biotechnology, can increase yields and reduce pesticide use, two traits that have produced more controversy than success.”

“We have heard the words of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, that honouring the rights of First Nations are a “sacred obligation” to the Liberal Government of Canada,” said Hereditary leader and chief councilor Willie Moon, “our people have spoken we want salmon farms out of our territory.”
The rudeness with which the salmon farm employees were told to conduct themselves was in stark contrast to the integrity of the people performing ceremony with cedar bows. It was hard to witness.from www.cleansingourwaters.com

 New Threat to Homeland Security?  Pesticide Spraying Drones Approved by FAA and Available from Monsanto –  Domestic Terrorism now enabled to your doorstep compliments of US Government, along with hackers who see a new opening: Dumping herbicides and pesticides from the sky seems like something the government should oppose, but instead, somehow the corporate giant has won federal approval for this monstrous development (FROM ARTICLE)

FAILING, FLAWED,DANGEROUS GMO TECHNOLOGY Here   Millions Spent, No One Served: Who Is to Blame for the Failure of GMO Golden Rice?

GMO Interests and US Government Forcefully Propagating GMO Policy and PR


Now:  GMO Shenanigans on the internet! BEWARE of a hijacked video of retired biotechnology scientist Dr. Thierry Vrain on YouTube talking about Toxic GMOs supplanted with a pro-GMO talk!  He is a  happily retired ORGANIC FARMER, speaking against GMO!

FOR AUTHENTIC GMO UPDAT E FROM CORNELL UNIVERSITY STUDENT EXPOSING GMO: GMOWTF.com website directly from Robert, the Cornell Student who says: “I am a student who is skeptical of the industry-sponsored pro-GMO claims espoused by my school, Cornell University in upstate Ithaca, NY.  I am deeply concerned that Cornell is supportive of organizations such as Monsanto. I feel such organizations are doing a great deal of harm to our environment, global health, and scientific integrity.  I am also troubled by the trend of Cornell students being led to believe this rhetoric as scientifically sound. This is a dangerous phenomenon at any place of higher learning, particularly a prestigious Ivy League school such as Cornell.”

Labeling UPDATES:  http://sustainablepulse.com/2016/08/01/food-safety-experts-slam-president-obama-over-gmo-labeling-legacy/#.V6JJImWuf-Y





Critical to Call White House Requesting President Obama VETO False GMO Labeling S.764 Bill (202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1414

7/31/16 Update: Obama went against the People and signed the flawed Food “Disclosure” bill, even with an official White House  Peoples’ Petition to Veto and FDA critical remarks in their technical comment.  We will continue to expose the two major Establishment parties’ incestuous GMO Myths .  Now, check out other excellent options for food labeling in this election: Libertarians and Greens.  The two party conventions showed the Establishment control is fracturing!

State laws resulted from citizen action; this national bill ignored citizens’ interests and rights in favor of corporate interests.  If you don’t act now, and the President signs the bill it will become a very bad anti- consumer law.  We Americans will be denied the right to know what is in our food.  Very easy to leave a comment on the White House lines. This flawed bill, if not vetoed, will become law for a 2 year deferral on voluntary QR code labeling  only – nothing in plain English on package as FDA customarily requires.   It’s such a hastily drafted bill with conflicts and errors, of which the primary intent was to knock out Vermont’s mandatory food labeling law which went into effect July 1st, 2016.  Please  share widely as the more voices heard by Obama, the better!  Click here for more details or scroll down to prior posts for important details.

Demand White House Response on Petition for People not Profits!

7/27/16  Update from GMOFreeUSA:  **100,000 signatures achieved** on a Whitehouse.gov petition site urging President Obama to veto the DARK Act, AKA S.764 – Many thanks to all of you who signed! In just a little over two weeks we reached our goal, making this petition one of the fastest to have reached its goal in the history of the Whitehouse.gov petition site.  Now that we’ve met our goal, we need to light up the Whitehouse switchboard with phone calls demanding that President Obama veto this sham of a GMO labeling bill!      This is our last chance to stop this terrible bill! *Please call today to reinforce that the President must VETO this anti-consumer bill (202) 456-1414 (202) 456-1111 

On 7/26/16, only 860 more signatures needed to petition White House for a veto response on S.764, otherwise known as the “Dark Act”of GMO food labeling.  We must use every avenue to try protect the integrity of our food supply and the American people, especially for our kids and future generations.  Obama originally campaigned for GMO food labeling and his own FDA found many problems with this bill.  This bill, if signed, will usurp mandatory state labeling laws already passed by VT, CT, and ME.