$hame Billboard – A double barreled attack on our children’s health!

Two key dairy organizations are petitioning the FDA to discreetly allow unlabeled GMO aspartame (which is being made with GM organisms) and other artificial sweeteners to their milk.  And beware that aspartame may be renamed in the future as a re-branding initiative by Ajinomoto, the manufacturer.  Aspartame is an “excitotoxin” like MSG to enhance flavors and excite the taste buds, but can also overstimulate neuron receptors which allow brain cells to communicate with each other.

Why is it necessary to add to milk an unlabeled GMO-derived substance that overstimulates neuron receptors in kids’ brains?

Perhaps better to switch to some good almond milk?  And if you desire some sweetness, add your own, or look for pure cane sugar in the ingredients.  Most “sugar” in the US is GMO sugar beet or corn derived, if you didn’t know.



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