Majority of US Senators Voted Against GE Food Labeling in 2012- States Are Getting the Job Done in 2013

See how your Senators voted in 2012 for your right to know what is really in the food you are eating! Hint: The majority of U.S. Senators voted against the consumer  — us— the people who they are supposed to be representing.  So who do you suppose Congress is really representing? 

Just count the lobbyists from food and chemical companies spreading their $$$ to buy influence in Washington, D.C, without any regard for the American people’s preferences for labeling all of the currently unlabeled Genetically Engineered (GE) foods.  Why?  While the FDA has seen no urgency to inform the consumer with a federal mandate for labeling, and it is currently the law of the land, most polls show the majority (80-90%)of consumers are demanding GE labeling. 

Now, pause and  think…Who is managing health care costs in government?  So…now isn’t it easy to connect the dots and speak directly to your Representatives at both Federal and State Levels to require transparency in GE food labeling and protect your family’s health?  We can do Health Care Reform, too! 

The list of Senators in the link below perhaps exposes Senators who have been influenced by industry interests at the expense of the American people. It doesn’t have to be that way if Congress just does its job by representing the people’s interest!

The US Constitution gives states all rights not specifically enumerated to the federal government. The feds can’t interfere with how states run their own intrastate commerce, although they often try. So, the amendment was silly and unnecessary. States already have the right to require GMO food labels, and at least Alaska does, but it’s limited to genetically engineered fish.

However, that 3/4 of the Senate voted against a national GMO food label law is a shame.

The only Republican to vote for it is Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, who joined her Democrat colleague, Mark Begich. In 2005, Alaska passed its own GMO food label law and is fighting hard to ban GE salmon.


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