CT House Speaker Sharkey and Gov. Malloy Thwarting Genuine Genetically Engineered Food Labeling?

After a stunning bipartisan vote of 37-1 by Senators on Senate Bill 802 to advance CT citizens’ Right to Know what is in their food to protect their families’ health, and to enable doctors to help patients track allergic reactions to these novel lab-created foods, the Speaker and the Governor suddenly switched their commitments last Friday from CT citizens to guess what?  Holding hands with with $pecial Interests –  as concerns mounted by entrenched special interests, particularly when lopsided House and Senate legislator votes came out heavily in favor of CT Citizen Interests.  This, by a governor who is fast becoming known as a FOE of FOI (Freedom of Information)  after secreting information from the public concerning other executive decisionmaking this term.

These sworn CT civil servants, who have oaths to protect CT  health and welfare, still have a chance to do the right thing before the current legislative session ends, but – WILL THEY BE GENUINE TO CITIZENS’ INTERESTS  in their capacity as CT civil servants?  Legislators in the past couple of weeks have proudly stood up to state they were voting for the people’s interests, not the special interests. This crucial GE food labeling saga will be continued momentarily as dedicated activists including parents, children and others are rightfully adamant about their need to know about GMO in their next forkful.

Stay tuned!


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