LATEST: Monsanto and Agri-Tech Industry’s Attempts to Eliminate Accepted Peer-Reviewed Science Contrary to Its Profit Model

When a peer reviewed independent long term (2-year versus existing 90 day industry studies) GMO health study revealing serious toxicity effects and organ damage has been approved and published, made publicly available for over a year, and then abruptly retracted by a new biotech editor appointed from industry, what is really going on? Cancer tumors also became evident in the study, which one would think should prompt additional  risk assessments by regulatory authorities. With findings this serious, scientists ordinarily would adhere to the Precautionary Principle, and FDA and other regulatory authorities should have commissioned more independent studies. Instead agri-biotech industry companies and industry-affiliated scientists and marketing/PR appear to be focused on hushing up any serious GMO crop health impacts.  Especially  shameful when it comes to safeguarding our childrens’ health !


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