APHA Health Policy Statement – Making the Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Case Early

Excerpts from American Public Health Association’s informative policy statement presented 1/1/01 after other country actions on Genetically Modified Food:

“Recognizing that food labeling both upholds and is consistent with the principle of consumer choice and labeling in place for organic foods in some states; and
Recognizing that any opposition to labeling based on findings that genetically modified food products are safe discounts issues of consumer choice and bioethical concerns; and
Recognizing that food labeling makes possible a range of legitimate consumer interests ranging from a desire to avoid allergic reactions to the opportunity to exercise informed buying decisions;…”

The US has not moved to advance GE food labeling despite consistently high public polls in favor of labeling and over 60 countries around the world having already taken action on GMO foods.  States must  continue to lead in the absence of Federal action on this vital matter Link to the American Public Health Association’s policy below for full details:



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