$5.6 Million Grant to Cornell to Boost GMOs Worldwide

Are huge multimillion grants and donations going to continue to buy overwhelming corporate- related influence in the GMO safety and labeling debates at the expense of public and environmental safety interests?

Numerous polls show overwhelming citizen demand for GMO food labeling in the US and labeling already exists in at least 64 other countries.  GMO food labeling should enable people to make informed food choices, and help many families to better manage dietary-related health care costs as well.  After all, pesticide applications/residues have been increasing on GMO crops and foods in stores (see articles in blogroll at right for details).

“In the last three years, the GMA( Grocery Manufacturers Association) has spent more than $100 million advancing its agenda – opposing regulation of junk food and education about healthy eating, and most fervently of all, fighting the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) ”  according to  Food Revolution .org where you can also find out about the Gates Foundation’s new $5.6 million grant to Cornell University to promote GMOs internationally.







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