GROUNDBREAKING DETAILS from the Attorney Who Uncovered FDA’s Fraudulent GMO Approval Process, DESPITE Warnings from FDA’s Own Scientists!

NEW April interview with Steven Druker in National Geographic

Just Released! The Truth Behind FDA Approval of GMO Foods

Click for preview of some key details: Dr. Mercola Interview with Author Steven Druker 

Click here for Part 2 of Druker interview 

To find actual FDA Scientist Memos questioning GMO Food Safety click here

A “must view”  from Dr. Thierry Vrain on Nutritional and  Health Impacts of GMO RoundUpReady Crop and Chemicals

Is National Geographic (March 2015 issue) losing its way like the FDA did in 1992?? Is National Geographics’ science-based integrity  bowing to $Science with Gates Foundation’s $5.6 million GMO depolarization image grant to Cornell?

Canadian Government Political Corruption on GMO Crops and Viet Nam era 2,4-D


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