GMO Food Pipeline Chock Full of Problems!

Whether it is the next generation genetically engineered Simplot “Innate” potatoes,  Okanagan’s “Arctic” Apples, or Monsanto’s own “Vistive Gold” Soybeans, all produced from double strand (ds RNA) genetic engineering,  USDA has been quick on the draw to approve them for human consumption. Previously, this technology had been avoided as too risky to pursue and toxic by scientists over 20 years ago.  Read more at Independent Science News

And some of these new crops have also been engineered for tolerance to double doses of pesticides including Agent Orange era 2,4-D and Dicamba, coupled with Roundup Ready crops.  McDonalds has already indicated they will not use these unproven new varieties.  For more detail click here

In Dr. Jonathan Latham’s May18th report in Independent Science News “The conclusion therefore, is that dsRNAs that are apparently indistinguishable from those produced in, for example, the Arctic apple and Monsanto’s Vistive Gold Soybean, have strong negative effects on vertebrate animals (but not plants). These vertebrate effects are found even at low doses. Consumers are vertebrate animals.”  2,4-D and Dicamba sprays volatilize and travel, increasing contamination potential of nearby crops.


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