Agroecology Insights Versus Industrial GMO Agriculture

Well worth sharing this valuable commentary by Bill Duesing of CT NOFA, who looks at Progress since his first “Two Visions” essay, noting among other significant points, that Small Farms Feed 70% of the World’s Population and highlighting some of the External Costs of GMO agriculture.  He also touches upon recently-passed Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) that it enables, something about which we should speak with our congressmen about the need to maintain heightened vigilance when it comes to protecting peoples’ and states’constitional rights, jobs, health, the environment, financial regulations, GMO labeling, and more, including the establishment of supranational corporate- sourced judicial entities to “harmonize” trade regulations. Shamefully, the TPP Treaty proposed agreement has not been made available to the US public except for snippets from Wikileaks! Violating our Constitutional Principles-By and For the People…

 Two Visions Revisited

“There has been remarkable positive movement toward growing food for people near where they live, which is often called agroecology. Methods used in this local, healthy and sustainable food system model maximize use of local resources, including sun and waste products and minimize use of fossil fuels, agro-toxins and abuse of people.

Almost two decades ago, I was inspired by a speech delivered by visionary organic farmer, Fred Kirschenmann, to write “Two Visions” for my October 3, 1997 Living on the Earth broadcast.

Two distinctly different visions for the future of our food system have emerged: one is industrial, the other is ecological….”to continue reading, please visit:


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