Politicians Pressured to Pass TPP Trade Treaty: US Food and Environment at Further Risk

Important to Call your Members of Congress – Next 60 days Crucial to Act!

Individuals need to be able to opt out of the manipulated GMO foods in our food supply which have never been adequately risk assessed– If approved by Congress, the TPP Trade Treaty provisions will fast track decision making to a supra-judicial body away from our democratically elected representatives.  We are at imminent risk of having unstable and risky foods silently shoved into our food supply,without our consent, into our supermarkets, restaurants, and many farm stands.We need to call our representatives NOW to say NO to the TPP.   There are no serious protections in place to protect organic farmers from GMO pollen and pesticide contamination, which should be a “given”, so they are also in this safe food battle.

Our individual, state, and federal rights are at risk regarding people’s Right to Know and Avoid GMO Foods.  This comes at a time when more and more unbiased independent science studies and newly retired federal agency scientists are speaking out about the many risks. dangers, and health impacts of these novel foods, many of which contain toxic pesticides, and especially harmful for children. Don’t be fooled by current proposed federal food labeling legislation which is voluntary, lacks standards and enforcement mechanisms, and won’t provide adequate information for families to protect themselves.

Amended Fast Track legislation apparently compels the White House to release the final trade agreement  before Congress votes on it, giving a two-month long window to dissect it and convince our lawmakers not to ratify it.

Click here for how to contact your representatives, driving home the message that we cannot accept a yes vote on TPP. Nor will we accept a yes vote on the deceptively labeled Safe and Affordable Food Act which would also eliminate state rights to label and regulate GMOs (currently HR 1599 awaiting Senate consideration).


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