Koch Brothers $299,000 helps to block genuine GMO labeling in the US House of Representatives by contributing to voting for voluntary labeling for HR 1599, contrary to mandatory GMO labeling the majority of American people want.  Are US representatives going to listen to the people or continue to be bought by special interest money? In CT, the full House OF Representatives delegation voted against HR 1599, and so did most of New England.  See which Representatives voted Yes for the Industry backed bill and how many voted NO on the special interest-promoted bill in favor of the peoples’ interests here.  If passed in the Senate in September, HR 1599 would override laws in those states who have already passed Right to Know GMO labeling laws, which the majority of Americans favor!  Congress is on summer break until the fall.  Stay tuned to this critical issue as wholesome, unprocessed, VERIFIED nonGMO food is at the root of good health, and special interests do not want you to know about the health issues associated with genetically engineered foods.

TIME SENSITIVE: Act Now Against Industry-Backed GMO Food Labeling Bill HR 1599! HR 1599, which special interests are pushing to usurp state laws and push weak food labeling standards (also enabling back door entry of GMO ingredients into our food supply, many of which will lack robust risk assessment.)  This will further perpetrate a continuing real-time experiment on the American people and people all around the world who have no idea of what’s going on.  PR minions have covered up the real intent of the GMO labeling bill to avoid mandatory GMO labeling by deceptively naming HR 1599 the” Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015″.  It is vitally important to do homework and speak up NOW or Congress will likely act against the  peoples’ interests. For more background from Congress: http://thehill.com/policy/finance/248178-senate-panel-advances-205b-bill-to-fund-usda-fda For those interested in proGMO PR subterfuge: http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/agriculture/3799043-gmo-bill-could-save-money-farmer-and-consumers

**IMPORTANT**  CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN HERE TO SAY NO TO HR 1599 Once these ingredients are slipped into our supermarket foods, the likelihood of newly-created proteins increases, with more new food allergens being created (Note:Presently our government lacks robust risk assessment to test for GMO related allergens).  For over 20 years, US children have been experiencing unprecedented numbers of allergies to foods since unlabeled GMO foods and ingredients were silently slipped into our food supply in the 1990’s. Without mandatory labeling, there can be no investigations or tracking by doctors, medical authorities  or parents to help determine the causes of new allergies. As noted above, a main objection to HR 1599 is that it overrides and suppresses local and state labeling laws, which are enacted by representatives who are most responsive to their local populations  (us!).  It is increasingly evident that many of our national “representatives” of either party are bought and sold by special interests. 


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