TPP Update Which Affects US GMO Food Labeling

The Obama Administration, along with many in Congress, has tried to ignore what US citizens and many other people worldwide want by ramming through Fast Track Authority on the opaque Trans Pacific Trade Treaty (TPP). Consensus on treaty negotiations was recently not achieved as key major developed nations don’t want their sound health systems or healthy food systems tampered with, especially by unelected appointees for special interests ruling from supra-national judicial bodies.   These appointees would essentially be able to direct decision making  irrespective of a country’s national or state laws already in place!  An excerpt from a timely and informative linked article from New Zealand’s Evening Report follows below, as this information is not well covered in the U.S.

“Time has now almost run out.The US Fast Track law sets out a complicated process the US must follow. US consumer organisation Public Citizen calculates the absolute minimum amount of time is about 3 months.

Under the more likely timeframe, if negotiations do not conclude until September the earliest Congress would vote on the TPP is January 2016, when the path to passage will be more politically fraught. That is US election year. The last thing Hillary Clinton, other Democrats and many Republicans want is a vote on a politically toxic deal mid-campaign.

‘Hopefully the groundswell of media coverage and discussion in New Zealand this week, along with a stronger position from Labour and the Waitangi Tribunal claim, have created enough pressure on the government to cut its losses and walk away’, Kelsey said.

‘At the very least, before the negotiations resume we need to see the text and the options clearly laid out, and have an independent and comprehensive cost benefit analysis that can be debated in an open and democratic way’.”

Already Democratic and GOP presidential candidates have begun attacking the TPP and their public criticism is generating public attention on the pact’s potential threats of job loss and more. A 2016 TPP vote also would increase the risk that voters could punish those who vote “yes” on the TPP during the November 2016 congressional election.  While the House voted YES on Obama’s TPP Fast Track Authority, the Senate did not vote before Congress’ summer break. Stay tuned and inform yourselves by visiting this website  and other LINKS

Further details available here


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