Payrolled Academic “Talking Heads” Linked to AgriBiotech Industry and Special Interests – Public Misled by Silence and Subterfuge

In a September 5th front page NY Times article,  Eric Lipton overlooks some important details while researching academic connections to industry PR interests.   A key source of funding for the special interest GMO “depolarization” campaign based out of Cornell University, is a $5.6million grant from the Gates Foundation.    From Dr. Jonathan Latham’s article in Counterpunch: “The real scoop was not the perfidy and deceit of a handful of individual professors. Buried in the emails is proof positive of active collusion between the agribusiness and chemical industries, numerous and often prominent academics, PR companies, and key administrators of land grant universities for the purpose of promoting GMOs and pesticides. In particular, nowhere does the Times note that one of the chief colluders was none other than the President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).”

To read the whole article, please visit:

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