The Legitimate Facts of GMO Expose Industry PR and Science Shills as Senate Mulls Overriding State Laws to Label GMO

GMO foods are not “natural” as the ag biotech special interests would have you think. Nobel Prize-winning scientists as well as government scientists have warned since the 1990’s (and even before) that rigorous studies were needed prior to approving patented GMO to enter the food supply. The public assumed government was looking out for their safety, but $$$ became the  driving force, especially when a Monsanto Attorney was appointed to a specially created position overseeing GMO food when first approved over FDA scientist objections.  Deception should not continue to override independent scientific evidence showing that the government jumped the gun approving GMO, despite the risks of harming the public.

Attorney Steven Druker’s well documented public interest work to uncover the original fraud, extensively described and footnoted in his recent book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, exposes this tragic food scam affecting the American public and now peoples around the world who had no idea they were being exposed to such a chemical dependent GMO technology, replete with multiple layers of toxins and chemicals.  The proliferation of allergies, G/I disorders and many other diseases and ailments affecting children and families since the GMO crop system ( GMO plants dependent on pesticides, antibiotic markers, and other toxic chemicals to grow while poisoning our soils and waters) cannot be ignored any longer.  The lack of any robust US government approval review, and growing body of incriminating safety evidence from independent scientists around the world as well as retired USDA, EPA, and other government scientists cannot be ignored as the US health costs and health care misery skyrockets.  Steven Druker dives into history, facts, government and industry collusion along with many university scientists abandonment of scientific principles in foisting this damaging food technology on peoples around the world.

Click the above links to uncover the real GMO truths and demand from government the need for authentic, required state GMO labeling , not a voluntary GMO  labeling system which also legitimizes GMO ingredients under a Natural label.


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