Scientist Anthony Samsel speaks about research on his fifth paper he is writing on Glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp and a patented antibiotic. He discusses the biochemistry of the chemical, and why it is so pernicious when routinely sprayed on nonGMO as well as GMO crops. If the US government ignores the World Health Organization finding of Glyphosate as a probable carcinogen, and continues to allow it to be sprayed on many food crops, who is going to protect the health of the consumer and the ecological systems of our planet – our waters, soils, flora, fauna?

Dr. Samsel explains how, apart from all the other harms Glyphosate brings to our microbiome and health, it is also a synthetic amino acid that slips into the biology of living kingdom by mimicking glycine, one of the essential building blocks of life. Samsel says this chemical should be banned, its production and use should be stopped and shut down lock, stock and barrel.

Keep in mind that industrial agriculture and GMO crop and animal farming contribute to climate change and propagate unnatural genetically engineered products –  like the GMO salmon the US just approved in November as well as corn, alfalfa, sugar beets and other GMO crops.


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