Spotlight on Behind the Scenes Interference!

USDA Secretary Vilsak and others in government may be mischief making when it comes to supporting mandatory genetically engineered food labeling. Please click below and ACT!

Tell our USDA to stop interfering with their scientists’ findings and help save honeybees.

Given government inaction on GMO labeling, Big Food stores like Target continue to provide more shelf emphasis on organic foods and more backseat shelves to Large Brand GMO pesticide toxin-tainted foods


Significant GMO Labeling Move from Campbell’s CEO

BRAVO! January 8th 2016 UPDATE: Campbell Soup CEO Denise Morrison stands up for consumers, distinguishing her company from her industry.  Perhaps FDA “bought” GMO food science is coming to an end?  If consumers and independent scientists as well as larger companies keep speaking up, it will happen. ***Note that the FDA has NO definitive peer reviewed studies to make the following statement cited in the NPR article:”The FDA says that there’s no reason to require such labels because current GMO ingredients are identical, nutritionally, to conventional ingredients.”  Especially when FDA’s own scientists warned back in 1991-92 about the risks of releasing GMO foods into the food supply.  And former government and independent scientists like Canada’s Dr. Thierry Vrain have shown significant mineral nutritional differences in GMO glyphosate modified foods. So even though herbicide-dependent GMO crops may look like conventional crops, mineral depletion occurs in the lab-created GMO crops and foods. Additionally, Glyphosate is a patented antibiotic from Monsanto, and is also sprayed on food crops including nonGMO crops like wheat, peas, barley, and lentils to facilitate harvest), leaving residues our food.  In retirement, after working for Agriculture Canada in genetic engineering for government, Dr. Vrain now farms organically in his own garden.
A very important message from Dr. Vrain –
While the debate on the safety of GMOs remains important, it should not distract from remediating the serious health risks of glyphosate sprayed on both RoundUp Ready and non engineered crops. After viewing this presentation many GMO videos may appear, but note that most avoid mentioning the herbicide, glyphosate, when more than 90% of all GMO crops in North America are sprayed with this herbicide that should have remained a pipe and boiler cleaner.’(Published on Mar 8, 2015)

Addendum: Also noteworthy is that BASF, a multinational chemical company is reducing its plant biotechnology operations and  pulling out of some operations in the US, Europe, and India.  Perhaps their management has better long term planning focus than other companies!

Be sure to read the next post to keep GMO labeling moving forward in 2016 and contact your legislators.

Vital New Year Resolutions to Win Genuine GMO Labeling

Monsanto and other agribiotech companies along with food companies represented by the Grocery Manufactures Association will be acting soon in a big push to try to permanently promote the toxin-dependent GMO technology on consumers in 2016. Consumers spoke up loudly to Congressional representatives last year with success. But a renewed push replete with ample industry $$$ is expected to threaten genuine GMO labeling efforts shortly. “They now plan to throw everything at a dedicated bill in January to preempt labeling by using these ridiculous QR codes”  constituting a voluntary “Smart Label”according to a just published article.

Monsanto is at it again trying to squash World Health Organization (WHO) finding that Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup is a probable carcinogen.  As has been Monsanto’s custom when scientific findings are contrary to the health of their profit model, they are now attempting to refute the determination by the World Health Organization that glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen with a new scientific panel (12 of the 16 panel members have been associated with Monsanto in the past).  Additionally, the US Senate could take up already passed HR1599 which would Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK Act) what’s in their food and promote GMOs under a “Natural” label this session. And Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan) introduced a bill that would preempt states’ rights to enact GMO labeling laws.

Bottom line is the need to contact with your US Congressional members now to defend your and your states’ rights to move forward legitimate GMO labeling bills like Senator Blumenthal’s bill.  This is the most opportune time to get real GMO labeling done and start to curtail our health care problems stemming from the unlabeled genetically engineered foods silently allowed into our food supply by government.  And the special interests are moving quickly and with $$$ to gain influence.

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