Time for CT Citizens to Enact GMO Labeling Now!

The CT legislature has a short legislative session starting in February. Now is the time to act and ask legislators to remove the “Trigger Clause” to enact the already passed 2013 food labeling law.  March 3rd is the first state hearing.  CT citizens may easily communicate this action to their legislators here  and testimony may be electronically submitted to Rep Urban’s committee kidtestimony@cga.ct.gov   (this is not Phishing, it is an official CT legislature committee).  It is critical to contact your legislators to tell them how important the enactment of a genuine GMO labeling law truly is. This window of real opportunity is small, so please ACT NOW.

Vermont, a smaller state, has already enacted such a law, set to take effect July 1st 2016.  As you may have heard, there were some meetings with USDA Secretary Vilsack about creating a national solution for GMO labeling using voluntary labeling with smartphone QR code technology to substitute for mandatory labeling, and a “natural” label inclusive of GMO ingredients!  Without mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients easily accessible on labels, these proposals are only diversionary moves away from authentic GMO labeling.

For the latest on GMO Labeling in other states, click here



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