URGENT! Act Now to Prevent Federal Ban on State GMO Labeling & Denying Citizen Rights

CONTACT SENATORS ON THE SENATE AGRICULTURE COMMITTEE NOW!                         Reacting  to continued progress States have made in enacting legitimate mandatory GMO labeling at the state level, Agrichem, Biotech and Food special interests, with great influence over federal officials,  pushed the US Senate Agriculture Committee last week to move a bill forward which would virtually make mandatory state labeling efforts moot. The federal bill  strips citizens of protected freedoms…those who rightfully need and want to know what is in their food, while trying to protect their families from a pernicious pesticident-drenched and dependent crop system. This Federal bill would ban state labeling actions, promoting instead a toothless and voluntary federal law.  By ignoring independent peer-reviewed science showing adverse GMO impacts around the world, human, animal and ecosystem harms would continue virtually unfettered, squashing our Right to Know. At the same time biased and flawed industry backed studies lacking transparency which were used to approve US GMO, will be promoted by governing agencies and officials unless we hold them accountable for restoring scientific intetgrity, respecting the Precautionary Principle and listening to what independent scientists and citizens are reporting about GMO impacts.

It is critical to TAKE ACTION NOW or we all lose.  There’s now some word that USDA Secretary Vilsack may be leaning towards a version of mandatory GMO labeling (likely with dubious wording indicative of their past behavior) , and curiously just after CT GMO Labeling hearing and as a MA labeling bill was unanimously voted to move forward last week.  We need mandatory, on- package labeling with 4 simple wordsMade with Genetic Engineering.  

***Plus you can still let your CT legislators know you are for enacting CT  GMO labeling HB 5300 before it’s brought to a vote in the full legislature  by clicking HERE


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