US Senate Leadership Attempted Manipulation of GMO Labeling Vote in US Senate

CURRENT ACTION ALERT FOR CTAsk your CT legislators to strip the Trigger Clause from CT GMO Labeling Law.  Let’s get it done for kids and citizens!

Update from 3/17/16 Reuters story after the Senate vote block – It’s not over till it’s over!  

Update 12:25 pm: CLOSE CALL- INDUSTRY BACKED GMO LABELING “AMBUSH”  BILL JUST BLOCKED 49-48 IN US SENATE! NOW WE HAVE TO FINISH UP STATE LABELING IN NORTHEASTERN STATES! The US Senate came through for us, but Majority Leader McConnell likely has other legislative tricks to play when Congress resumes after the break.  Stay tuned!

Noon on the 16th of March in the US Senate:

There are two deceptive actions being taken on the Federal DARK Act, formerly S. 2609!

First, Amendment 3450 to Senate Bill 764 Defund Planned Parenthood would replace the text of the Planned Parenthood bill with the new text of the DARK Act. [see text of amendments SA 3450, Section 1.]

Call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on accepting Amendment 3450 to bill 764.

Then, in the event Amendment 3450 is accepted, and Senate Bill 764 becomes the new DARK Act, you will want your Senators to vote NO on Bill 764.

NO on Amendment 3450 and NO on Senate Bill 764.

We will have outcome of the vote shortly and advise next action. We just got 42 no votes and counting so it looks like this contrived Planned Parenthood/GMO Labeling Bill will not pass muster as there are 60 votes needed to pass.

Call (202) 224-3121 to leave a message for your senators.

Contact information for senators can also be found at

Demand mandatory on-package GMO labeling – no compromise!  Hopefully the Senate leadership will not execute another ambush before going on holiday break!


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