BIG Food and Candy Companies Going for GMO Labeling- More action soon!

Kellogg’s and Mars have joined General Mills and Campbell’s by announcing that they will start to label their products in the U.S. that contain GMOs with the words “Produced with Genetic Engineering”, after the blocking of the new Dark Act in the U.S. Senate. To continue reading from  Sustainable Pulse, click here.  ConAgra Foods will also begin adding labels to products nationwide by July 2016.

According to Sustainable Pulse: “This move by the GMA’s members must be treated with caution for now as it is only voluntary labeling that can be pulled at any time. The announcements also come at a time when Big Food is still pushing for anti-consumer federal compromise solutions for GMO labeling in the U.S., such as the use of mandatory QR codes or voluntary labeling”.

Plain and simply put-  consumer-friendly mandatory GMO labeling involves FOUR SIMPLE  WORDS: Produced With Genetic Engineering.

NOTE: But the food labeling legislative card tricks have not all been played!  General Mills was asked a question about labeling , they  made it clear that the company “will continue advocating for a national solution to GMO communications to consumers.” When asked if General Mills would now support a federal law that requires mandatory label, such as the bill recently introduced in the Senate by Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., a company spokesperson dodged the question. Expect more deceptive shenanigans when Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others return from a Congressional Easter break!  

***Stay tuned for action alerts to contact your representatives***