Monsanto PR Machine Revs Up for Washington after Easter…Yet Again!

Monsanto’s PR firm Ketchum is at it again with their one sided handiwork for a Scientific American GMO panel, which has been staffed completely with a panel of industry affiliated scientists.   Unsurprisingly, GMO Answers, the co-sponsor,  is an industry front group. Unfortunately Scientific American’s GMO science has been captured along with National Geographic, Foreign Policy Association and numerous other media in the US.  “If the speakers are concerned about other aspects of GMOs — monoculture, the health effects of glyphosate, the lack of transparency, for example — this doesn’t seem like a forum where there will be much opportunity to discuss those questions,” said Marion Nestle, NYU professor of  Nutrition and Public Health.

What is also likely to be “lost in translation” is the fact that there is no scientific consensus on GMO safety, despite industry assurances to the contrary. Consumers Union Dr. Michael Hansen, an experienced voice of  independent science , (participating in this issue globally for over 20 years!) speaks authentically about GMO labeling and plain truths that industry interests don’t want you to hear.


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