GMO Labeling Current News

It is the right of all people to know what foods they are buying and feeding their families, especially how such foods are produced with regard to the pesticide-dependent GMO crop system with weedkiller residues on every forkful of GMO food.

On April 12th, Citizens for GMO Labeling  delivered a letter to the United States Senate reaffirming their request for mandatory, on package, clear disclosure of GMOs. More than 600 companies, local and national organizations, farmers and healthcare institutions stood together to represent the 9 out of 10 Americans who want GMOs labeled. We, the citizens and consumers of the United States, deserve to know what is in our food.

Citizens for GMO Labeling recommends the following wording [excerpt] for mandatory citizen- oriented labeling as opposed to the voluntary, deferred and toothless corporate oriented language (which failed to pass committee deliberations in mid-March):

Requires mandatory labeling;
Food products must be labeled as genetically engineered when .9% or more of the product’s total weight are produced from genetic engineering.
Requires labels to identify, via words visible on the package, the food or ingredients in the food as “genetically engineered”, “produced with genetic engineering” or “partially produced with genetic engineering”.
Requires labels to be on all foods that are genetically engineered and the definition of “genetic engineering” should be identical to the definition of “modern biotechnology” as recognized by Codex Alimentarius:“ “Modern Biotechnology”….. 

At the Federal level, Senators on the Agriculture Committee need to know we want genuine labeling.  State GMO labeling efforts continue to advance with VT labeling expected to commence on July 1st unless Senator Roberts’ US Agriculture Committee makes another dictatorial effort to ban state labeling and ambush the what people want.  Industry sponsored propaganda efforts have been stepped up as well and Boston March Against Monsanto is around the corner.  A bipartisan agreement for  Labeling GMOs in Massachusetts will promote transparency, and also provide much needed information to families.  Connecticut has a bill pending to enact GMO labeling requirements for childrens’ food, and more. Stay tuned!



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