GMO Labeling Antics Behind the Scenes

Monsanto Attempting to Protect Its Flawed and Failing GMO Crop System- Using Deceptive “Goliath vs David” Tactics in Vermont 

While Big Food has been scheming to mess with the July 1st enactment date of Vermont’s first in the US GMO labeling law, VT’s attorney general has been trying to pry incriminating evidence out of the hands of Monsanto and other biotech and food corporations.  And that move may just work to the benefit of consumers who want labels.  According to Food Dive, Attorney General William Sorrell wants “major seed and food companies” to hand over internal research on GMO crops. The request comes as part of the GMA’s lawsuit, filed nearly two years ago.Food Dive reports:Requested research includes those related to “potential health or environmental impacts” of GMO crops and the pesticides used on them (from Monsanto, DuPont, and Syngenta). It also includes “consumer survey research” from the past decade about GMO foods and the use of the term “natural” on their product labels (from ConAgra, Kellogg, and Frito-Lay North America).  To read more:

Meanwhile, another major corporation, Dannon pledges nonGMO future!


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