GMO Tipping Point In Process!

Thanks to persistent consumer pressure and shrinking demand,  corporate producers of GMO food products have been feeling the pinch:  General Mills, Kellogg’s, Hershey’s, ConAgra, Del Monte, Unilever, Dannon and Campbell’s are now offering non-GMO alternatives in some  of their conventional product lines or have signaled a change in product ingredients.  has been following the GMO issue for over a dozen years, with Jeffrey Smith leading the way offering educational materials,  evidence-based films and books like Genetic Roulette, and interacting around the world with health care practitioners, scientists, concerned citizens and others aimed at getting information to the public so families and farmers can protect themselves, their livestock and pets, and the environment.

The federal government’s agribiotech and chemical corporate backers have spent many, many millions trying to beat down what the public wants  – safe wholesome and healthy food not tainted with pesticide residues and other contaminants.  Significantly, many corporations are labeling to Vermont’s first enacted GMO labeling law which will be effective July 1st, 2016.

Meanwhile nonprofit and philanthropic organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (in concert with US State Dept. “aid” programs) continue to pour millions into promoting GMO foods around the world, absent robust risk assessment.  Also based on regulatory loopholes and lax assessment,  non recallable GMO mosquitoes are being let loose into the environment, and GMO salmon has been approved as a New Animal Drug!!! for consumption,  despite 2 million objections and the FDA lacking an appropriate GMO animal review procedure.  An increasing number of  food companies are declining to offer such salmon but where it reaches the human marketplace, it will not be labeled. The GMO salmon operation and GMO Arctic Apples, both of which had irregular government approval procedures, have been purchased by a billionaire and will be operated under his growing empire, so the stealth infiltration will continue without GMO labeling.

So CONSUMER BEWARE, stay informed, keep in touch with your state and federal legislators, and take action to protect your families.  While we are in the process of achieving a tipping point, and have won many battles despite hundreds of millions of dollars of US taxpayer-funded government monies and industry profits diverted to support GMO, consumers must remain active and attentive to more corporate and government-funded deception.  A closed wallet for unhealthy food products and consumer contact with legislators for mandatory GMO labeling laws is a powerful combination for enlightened change and healthier food!  




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