US Senator Contact Urgent! Industry -backed Bill to Pre-empt GMO State Labeling

US Senate Heading Towards Green-Light for Unlabeled GMOs as Special Interests $$$ are heard more loudly than US citizens’ voices!  

US Senate Bill #2609 would nullify state laws requiring mandatory, clear, on-package labeling of food with GMOs and replace them with an ineffective voluntary national standard full of exemptions and deferring voluntary labeling until two years from now by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Consumers Union Jean Halloran said:“The Senate shouldn’t fall for food and biotech industry scare tactics. They claim that Vermont’s law will cause ‘chaos’ and lead to higher food prices. But the fact is that food companies have already started labeling – we’ve received photos of labeled GMO products from consumers across the country. The sky has not fallen, and in general, prices have not risen on GMO foods.If this bill is passed by the Senate, it would be a clear case of Congress acting on behalf of industry interests, rather than on those of their constituents. We urge all senators to stand up for consumers – and real disclosure – and oppose this bill.”

To continue reading:

SB 2609 is not a labeling bill;  it is an industry-orchestrated bill for corporations, not people. CORPORATE SABOTAGE OF GMO LABELING – Read Here  and Here

Review the extensively footnoted back story on how GMO foods were illegally labeled.


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