Immediate Action Alert! US GMO “Labeling” Bill Crafted without Public Hearing

Americans could lose vital information about what they feed their families by being denied the RIGHT TO KNOW what’s in their food and protect their health this week!  This would occur  if the Senate Agriculture Committee succeeds in pushing through a special interest-backed  bill that does everything to deny simple and clear GMO labels on packages.

State GMO labeling laws in Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and Alaska, designed to inform consumers, could be nullified by this devious Federal bill with misappropriated intent to protect profits over people.  The proposed US Senate bill #S.764, was crafted in secret without a public hearing or any input from constituents.

*** All the major Presidential candidates except Hillary Clinton are pro citizens’ GMO Labeling, and Hillary Clinton, as an attorney did private legal and State policy work for Monsanto.  She is not for citizen’ rights or  interests on GMO Labeling; rather she sides with Monsanto positions.***

WHY IS THIS BILL SO BAD? Without a GMO label, there is NO traceability, NO accountability and NO liability. With NO long term safety testing and NO human health trials.  Make your phone calls and then ask family and friends to do the same.  Thank you for taking action on this, the most important day in the history of the fight for mandatory GMO labeling.   From GMO Free USA:

The bill creates a new definition of GMO, excluding most of the genetically engineered foods currently on the market and new technologies such as CRISPR/cas9, gene editing and gene cassettes.
The bill provides for a patchwork of labeling options — discriminatory QR codes, phone numbers, and symbols yet to be created by the USDA — and would result in consumer confusion.
The standard for non-GMO is not clearly defined and an acceptable level of GMO contamination has not been determined, leaving this open to the corrupt USDA to decide.
There are no penalties for non-compliance and no recalls.
The bill would not take effect for two years.

See also this excellent piece where mainstream media doesn’t dare to venture:



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