Senate Vote for Corporate Profits over Citizens’ Interests Imminent!

It’s looking like “The Fix is In” on the S. 764 food scam bill due to industry interests, lobbyists and other interests rolling out their lovefe$t exchanges and dirty government dealing$ to gain votes for sacrificing citizens’ rights and needs, as well as health and ecosystem impacts for generations to come. Consumers can continue to vigorously act via the powerful tools of boycotts and their wallets!  

Senators’ press conference linked here exposes extraordinarily flawed S.764 , a bill written by lobbyists that even the FDA had problems with, and which prevents consumers’ Right to Know GMO.  ***The bill, S.764, is expected to be fast-tracked through Congress before lawmakers recess July 15. The Senate legislation is expected to bypass the conference committee process and will be voted on by the House where it is expected to pass. A similar bill, known as the DARK (Denying Americans the Right to Know Act), was approved last year by an overwhelming majority in the House. It will then go to the president’s desk.  If a  federal law is enacted, the state preemption will go into effect immediately and Vermont’s mandatory labeling statute will be rendered moot.“For a Republican-controlled Congress that continually argues for states’ rights to act to take away Vermonters’ right to know what is in their food is the height of hypocrisy and a sad statement on the power of special interests in Congress,” Shumlin said. (sourced from

7/7/16 update: FDA highly critical of proposed industry-backed S.764 GMO Labeling bill  Most notably the FDA red flags the bill’s narrow and ambiguous definition of “bioengineering,” which “will likely mean that many foods from GE sources will not be subject to this bill.

Senator Bernie Sanders senate action here

Senator Sanders with Senators Blumenthal and Merkeley speak out against industry sponsored false and discriminatory GMO Labeling bill

Urgent Message Courtesy of GMOFreeUSA:  It’s been a long journey, and now here we are in the final hours before the Senate votes on the Roberts bill (S.764), a bill that would preempt Vermont’s GMO labeling law and give consumers nothing in return. While many believe that Non-GMO Project verification will be our saving grace if this bill passes, according to a legal analysis by the Center For Food Safety, “certain provisions of the bill appear to be designed to rescind the non-GMO labeling currently being used by hundreds of producers on thousands of products.” [1] S.764 appears to put the Non-GMO Project at risk of being outlawed.
Campbell’s, the company that broke away from the pack and claimed to value the consumer’s right to transparency, has come out in strong support of this, the DARKest Act of all. To add insult to injury, Campbell’s says they will add to their GMO labeling disclosure that “the FDA has tested and approved the safety of GMO technology.”

But here’s the problem: the FDA has never tested these foods for safety, relying instead on inadequate short term industry testing.“As a matter of practice, the agrichemical companies submit their own studies to the FDA as part of a voluntary “consultation.”

Moreover, the FDA does not require the companies to submit full and complete information about these studies. Rather, as the FDA has testified, “After the studies are completed, a summary of the data and information on the safety and nutritional assessment are provided to the FDA for review.”[3] This is the same process that allowed Starlink corn to be approved, then later recalled due to allergenicity in the year 2000. Since then, so many GMO crops have been approved using these inadequate safety assessments, that it would be virtually impossible to track back.

Just imagine your grocery store without Non-GMO Project Verified labels, no GMO labeling, and organic foods that are permitted to be labeled Non-GMO with no testing for GMO contamination. This cannot be allowed. Voice your opposition BEFORE the vote takes place, likely as soon as early afternoon today.

***Call your senators and DEMAND that they protect states rights, represent the will of the people and VOTE NO on S.764*** 

CALL (202) 224-3121 to reach your senators TODAY 


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