The “Fix” is In! Shameful GMO Unlabeling Bill Quietly Pushed Through Congress Just Before Summer Recess

7/11 update: S.764 will go to the US House Rules Committee Tuesday 7/12/16 for  reconciliation with the Senate  bill.  And then onto the President’s desk.  You can contact the White House directly to express your support for an Obama VETO on the bill.  

Money doesn’t just speak – it hollers, co-opts… runs the country…with citizen interests, independent science, and whole food integrity sacrificed in favor of industry profits. US food supply has been increasingly tainted from the pesticide-saturated GMO crop system, which lacks robust risk assessment and monitoring from government regulators. Much, much worse than President Dwight D. Eisenhower envisioned when he warned the public of the “military-industrial complex” before leaving office. Genuine GMO Labeling would have enabled families to be better informed about what’s in their food and to protect their families by becoming able to link certain food intolerances to novel GMO-created allergens and health conditions.  Like peanut and gluten ingredients labeled today to protect health.

Monsanto, its Congressional cohorts, and other GMO-related interests got their bill passed and dished out by Congress, while US health care founders and Americans’ life expectancy continues its decline. Americans will have to own a smart phone to interpret labels which have so many exemptions, deferrals and loopholes that they are of no use to consumers earnestly trying to keep GMOs off the dining table.

Why is the new GMO food legislation is so controversial? In short, GMO-related interests could not tolerate a legitimate, mandatory state GMO labeling law that had teeth and informed the public.  So, just as Vermont’s law became enacted July 1st, the industry couldn’t stand it any longer.  Special interest-controlled lobbyists and related GMO interests acted with haste and overflowing bankrolls to tilt more politicians into voting for an ill-fated “unlabeling” law so GMO labeling wouldn’t have to be fully implemented across the food industry!  First attempts at promoting  a similar federal labeling law failed earlier this year, so strategy was shifted to quietly sneak it in to usurp the enactment of a genuine state labeling law from VT, as well as other labeling laws from Connecticut, Maine, and Alaska.

If industry spokesmen say GMO foods are identical to regular food, how can such foods be uniquely patentable? They want it both ways and patents provide legal protection  while waterfalls of money (some from taxpayer-funded food subsidies) enable regulatory agency green lights with inadequate risk assessment. Last, but not least, this new federal legislation is discriminatory to people of less means who may not be able to afford a cell phone to read the cryptic “QR code label”and they will not be able to compare on-package labels in the grocery store.  Absolutely shameful and another symptom of an increasingly dysfunctional and corrupt government which has lost its way and the trust of the people. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says the Senate proposal is designed to intentionally confuse consumers, exempt many genetically engineered ingredients including widely used cooking oils, has no compliance features, and undermines democracy.



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