Demand White House Response on Petition for People not Profits!

7/27/16  Update from GMOFreeUSA:  **100,000 signatures achieved** on a petition site urging President Obama to veto the DARK Act, AKA S.764 – Many thanks to all of you who signed! In just a little over two weeks we reached our goal, making this petition one of the fastest to have reached its goal in the history of the petition site.  Now that we’ve met our goal, we need to light up the Whitehouse switchboard with phone calls demanding that President Obama veto this sham of a GMO labeling bill!      This is our last chance to stop this terrible bill! *Please call today to reinforce that the President must VETO this anti-consumer bill (202) 456-1414 (202) 456-1111 

On 7/26/16, only 860 more signatures needed to petition White House for a veto response on S.764, otherwise known as the “Dark Act”of GMO food labeling.  We must use every avenue to try protect the integrity of our food supply and the American people, especially for our kids and future generations.  Obama originally campaigned for GMO food labeling and his own FDA found many problems with this bill.  This bill, if signed, will usurp mandatory state labeling laws already passed by VT, CT, and ME.


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