GMO Interests and US Government Forcefully Propagating GMO Policy and PR


Now:  GMO Shenanigans on the internet! BEWARE of a hijacked video of retired biotechnology scientist Dr. Thierry Vrain on YouTube talking about Toxic GMOs supplanted with a pro-GMO talk!  He is a  happily retired ORGANIC FARMER, speaking against GMO!

FOR AUTHENTIC GMO UPDAT E FROM CORNELL UNIVERSITY STUDENT EXPOSING GMO: website directly from Robert, the Cornell Student who says: “I am a student who is skeptical of the industry-sponsored pro-GMO claims espoused by my school, Cornell University in upstate Ithaca, NY.  I am deeply concerned that Cornell is supportive of organizations such as Monsanto. I feel such organizations are doing a great deal of harm to our environment, global health, and scientific integrity.  I am also troubled by the trend of Cornell students being led to believe this rhetoric as scientifically sound. This is a dangerous phenomenon at any place of higher learning, particularly a prestigious Ivy League school such as Cornell.”

Labeling UPDATES:



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