What You Can Do To Keep GMOs Off Your Dinner Table

From Organic Consumers Association:  Why do we categorize factory farms (euphemistically called Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or CAFOs by the government and industry) the “malevolent profit-driver and lynchpin” of industrial and GMO agriculture?

  We need to aggressively mobilize a full-blown online and on-the-ground food fight, complete with marketplace pressure, popular education, boycotts, litigation, brand de-legitimization.  Factory farming is a trillion-dollar industry that has a devastating impact on food quality, human health, animal welfare, farmworkers, rural communities, water quality, air pollution, biodiversity, and greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, two-thirds of all farm animals are now confined on factory farms. In the US the figure is even higher—90-95 percent. ”

Food Columnist for NY Times and Time magazine, Marc Bittman quit his dream jobs after hearing what the World Health Organization had to say about factory farming, of which GMO crops and foods are an integral input.   He said: My new dream job is to get healthier food onto the plates of more Americans.

Is Organic Food from China safe for your family?  Get the details from the Food Revolution Network


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