Consumer Deception & Questions — What to Do?

Precautionary Principle as defined by UNESCO and the European Union  America has been ignoring the Precautionary Principle since FDA scientist objections were silenced in mid-90’s.

URGENT DEADLINE FOR ACTION!  Federal GMO food-labeling is back in the news again, with more than an extra dollop of special interest meddling. It appears GMO food labeling is in the process of a flawed agency “overhaul”. What is behind this switch of GMO food ingredient labeling from FDA to USDA oversight? Interestingly, the federal Organic Standards Board has also been under attack and standards weakened. It has become more difficult for career civil servants to be able to continue to protect public health.  Word has leaked out that FDA’s ongoing Glyphosate testing of toxic residues on pesticide-dependent GMO foods is showing problematic results in contaminating our food supply. Younger people are especially susceptible to these toxic chemical exposures.  At this important juncture, families need straightforward and simple on-package food labeling – readily available to all. Many large and small companies have already embraced simple “nonGMO” wording on packages, which most consumers understand.  Let the government know your thoughts before public comment closes on this key food rule (AMS-TM-17-0050-0004) on July 3rd, 2018


Grass-fed beef that’s the real thing, misplaced government subsidies, benefits of nonGMO crops vs downside of GMO in soil health, nutrition and more  

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Critics have branded the new law requiring the labeling of GMO products the DARK Act, short for “Denying Americans the Right to Know,” arguing that it allows companies to use QR codes or 1-800 numbers as a form of labeling, forcing consumers to scan the code or make a call to get more information. Independent food and agriculture consultant Elizabeth Kucinich joins RT America’s (Sources: YouTube and RT)  Former NYTimes Columnist Marc Bittman has some additional  thoughts

You can help yourself and others by speaking up and boycotting GMO products and companies who are working hard to keep consumers in the DARK! More details coming to help consumers soon>>>In the interim Organic Consumers Association has key info and needs your support to inform and act on the nitty gritty impactful parts of the issues.

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