Two recent studies, from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and Novartis, reveal GMO-related cancer triggers linked to the latest GMO CRISPR Gene Editing technology.  “As for why no one has reported CRISPR’d mice getting cancer, Haapaniemi said, “This is a good question.” One reason might be that “laboratory mice are killed early,” perhaps leaving too little time for them to develop cancer.”To continue reading, click on:

Is the USDA continuing to fly blind? USDA continues to leave Gene Editing breeding transformations unregulated, and continues to let the public and their families be unknowing guinea pigs in real-time risk assessments of new genetically engineered plants!  How will families get needed information and how will your health care practitioner be able to trace new allergies and ailments?

Science Director of The Bioscience Resource ProjectAllison Wilson , has pointed out “Science absolutely requires independence and integrity. Without them science ceases to be science. It becomes a tool to manipulate people.”  Beware of fake science and check your sources!

Industry tampering with scientific studies recently revealed in court documents, the most well-known of which is the Professor Seralini’s carefully constructed study on kidney and liver toxicity, which also incidentally showed cancer tumors after only 3 months of testing.  Seralini set up his study to replicate the study Monsanto used to present the pesticide dependent GMO crop technology as safe, and ran the studies longer than 3 months to also replicate the lifetime of human exposure.  Monsanto planted “fake science” and paid to have it transmitted as if it had nothing to do with corporate influence objectives. This suppressed safety study, showing very low doses of Roundup exposure and toxicity which has been withheld from the public by US regulatory agencies, is unconscionable.

Gene mutation risk unknown in CRISPR and newer Gene Editing genetic engineering “Researchers who aren’t using whole genome sequencing to find off-target effects may be missing potentially important mutations,” Dr. Tsang says. “Even a single nucleotide change can have a huge impact.”  For full study review, click here 

GMO Bt Crop Harm to Beneficial Soil Fungus “Researchers in Huazong Agricultural University under the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture shows, there are many ways in which Bt crops can have unanticipated and wide reaching effects on the health of our soils and wider environment.”

EPA used Monsanto-backed research to allow Roundup’s Glyphosate in our food supply!

U.S. Review of GMO Crops Finds Risks and Rewards, Says More Transparency Needed  – The National Academy of Sciences’ GMO crop and food study took a very unfortunate pass with their summary statement of finding no risks of health impacts, despite significant organ toxicity evidence  (i.e. kidney disease of unknown origins), increasing unusual cancers from all over the GMO-fed world, and other maladies related to this pesticide-dependent GMO crop system (accompanied by high pesticide  residues in much of our food supply).  The study recognized “the inherent difficulty of detecting subtle or long term effects in health or the environment”  (due in part to industry  feeding studies no longer than 90 days),  ignored the toxic implications of having to spread more pesticides in the environment as plant and pest resistance has become significant, and doesn’t take a stand on mandatory GMO labeling (although it did leave a door open for peoples’ right to have state labeling ).  These findings are reflective of a relentless trend of pervasive industry influence in government, $cience,  and other institutions.  Without adequately addressing the fact that serious risks exist, they give short shrift to the scientific Precautionary Principle, protecting people’s health,  and  unintended consequences from what still remains to be learned about genome tinkering. Because each genetic engineering transaction event is unique, with its own set of trait insertion attributes presenting myriad known and unknown effects on genomes.   This is a disservice to current and future public health due to transgenerational GMO genome consequences, and especially evident when  coupled with toxic chemical pesticide-dependent crop technologies.  It’s akin to “playing God” by overlooking the ample evidence-based data that something pernicious is occurring since the introduction of GMO foods, and absent labeling,  promotes pharma and medical “wild goose chases”,  limiting practitioners’ efforts to help patients.

After listening to the mixed-bag NAS press conference and reading the summary of the 5/17/16 “yellow brick road” release from the National Academies of Sciences (NAS) report on GE Crops ….which essentially found “no substantial evidence of a difference in risks to human health between commercialized GE crops and conventionally bred crops(at odds with independent scientists‘ safety assessments), nor did it find conclusive cause-and-effect evidence of environmental problems from the GE crops, it appears The NAS  essentially paved the way for a “yellow brick road $$$” to future GMO prospects (which has been customary for pro-industry interests—like painting a rosy picture of long-promised crops such as the never commercialized  Golden Rice  [conditioned “on institutional support [universities, government giveaways, Gates Foundation grants and the like] and access to profitable local and global markets” [a/k/a more direct government giveaways and taxpayer -funded subsidies], trade “treaties”, pressuring countries to accept aid with GMO seed strings attached, as in Iraq, Ukraine, and other State & Defense Dept. initiatives , US AID programs,  world banking actions].  More to come after delving into additional details of the 400 page report, but industry influence has quite an interference record with GMO subject matter, especially with  patent $$$ allure and the declaration by US administrations of a pesticide-dependent technology earlier described as “precise” before and after the latest  GMO generations were released; industry-associated interests are now promoting these new generations as “more precise”.  Why didn’t the NAS study look at health evidence already existing on the ground  combined with independent science findings from around the world!  The NAS has played in this game for industry before on heart health dietary recommendations that worked for many people without needing Big Pharma drugs (as significantly reported by  Dr. Caldwell Esseltyn and Colin Campbell, PhD. , and basically ignored in mainstream media and government recommendations.

Former Biotechnology Canada Dr. Thierry Vrain gives straight talk on GMO – ***Includes nutritional status of GMO crops***

Updated independent science research on Glyphosate – informative and worthwhile

Dr. Jonathan Latham explains why the science of genetic engineering is so imprecise.

The microbiome of our gut is much more important than you think And Roundup chemicals are damaging it! “Experts agree that the state of your microbiome may have a direct effect on brain activity, with the gut bacteria controlling the level of inflammation in the body and therefore contributing to inflammation conditions such as obesity, depression and type 2 diabetes.”  For more detail go to Huff Post Australian edition , which reports on cutting edge science on the Microbiome and the devastating impacts of Glyphosate on the Gut-Brain connection – “ Dr. David Perlmutter’s work (along with Mass. General pioneer Dr. Allessio Fasano) has been key in determining what he says about holes being formed in the gut wall from exposure to chemicals like Glyphosate. There may be similar impacts on the blood/brain barrier.  “The state of your microbiome is not only dictated by your diet but also by things like exposure to antibiotics and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen” according to Dr. Perlmutter’s work.  See also Dr. Alessio Fasano, MassGeneral Hospital for Children.  See also Stanford study on bacteria in the microbiome, especially in view of Roundup’s Glyphosate lately characterized as a sublethal herbicide on microbes, leading to greater antibiotic resistance and having broad spectrum antibiotic impacts….patented by Monsanto.

Is Cornell University truly pursuing science for the greater good or has it become a PR mouthpiece for the genetically engineered crop industry?  Political Director of Cornell Alliance for Science (CAS) Mark Lynas’ article is “heavy on attack and light on science, brushing over the topic with an inaccurate claim about a safety consensus that many scientists have disputed. As molecular geneticist Belinda Martineau, PhD, wrote in response to Lynas, “Making general claims about the safety of genetic engineering … (is) unscientific, illogical and absurd.” Click here to find out more.  GMO safety is not settled science.  Also visit

On November 25, 2015, the High Court in Paris indicted Marc Fallous, the former chairman of France’s Biomolecular Engineering Commission, for “forgery” and the “use of forgery.” Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini was vindicated in rat study results which also showed tumors in rats fed GMO corn.  “Now more than 2 years later, these are the facts: Séralini and his team’s original study has been rightfully republished in a peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Sciences Europe; they have won two key lawsuits against those who have attempted to ruin their reputations; and a recent peer-reviewed letter even asserted that Séralini and his team appear to have been right after all on their discovery showing unusual tumors in lab rats fed GMOs.  And this begs the question of how many new cancers have links to this toxic, pesticide-dependent chemical crop system that has entered our food supply since the 1990’s.

2015 update on Scientific Integrity click here  The criticism of Seralini et al. was so vehement in condemnation that it threatened (and ultimately prevented) normal scientific discourse. I examine the validity of the critical arguments and the assumptions behind them and how the conduct of this controversy reflects on the integrity of science. In the process, I suggest some further interpretations of the Seralini et al. paper. There is a documented history of antagonism towards papers that demonstrate negative effects of GM crops [8]. It is important to study the rationale behind such antagonism. For more detail, go to Environmental Sciences Europe journal article.

Interesting read of some background history on the science side of GMO foods up to current Crispr genetically engineered crop technology   Where are robust, independent risk assessments which should occur before public field testing and  commercialization to protect the public and the environment?

Not a word of these GMO food harms in US media!

More federal agency punishment for USDA employees doing their job and finding censorship of their work unacceptable. “Having research published in prestigious journals and being invited to present before the National Academy of Sciences should be sources of official pride, not punishment,” stated PEER Staff Counsel Laura Dumais, who today filed Dr. Lundgren’s whistleblower retaliation complaint with the Merit Systems Protection Board, the federal civil service tribunal. “Politics inside USDA have made entomology a high risk specialty.” Lundgren’s suspension followed his lodging a formal complaint last fall of violations of the agency’s Scientific Integrity policies. His complaint detailed attempts by USDA managers to block publication of new research, bar discussion of results with the media, and disrupt his lab’s operations.

For more details:

California leads the way as the 1st US state to move to label Roundup’s active ingredient (Glyphosate) a carcinogen – It’s about time a state government agency in the US is helping to shed the federal government deceit cloak of crony capitalism, and recognizes legitimate independent science findings, breaking away from spoon-fed industry PR masquerading as science!  Will the federal government’s Senate do their job as California EPA did to work to protect the people’s health instead of protecting industry profits from a toxic pesticide dependent GMO crop system for our major crops?

A Washington State and Monsanto affiliated study finds no glyphosate in mothers breast milk contrary to German and Mom’s Across America findings. As is commonplace with industry affiliated studies, full details of the methodology and data were not publicly disclosed

Infertility has been linked more and more to consumption of GMO corn and food.  This study is just one such study and there are many examples from veterinary sciences.  Perhaps this has been part of Monsanto’s strategy to “feed the world”…one of their most commonly used marketing slogans which has never amounted to much, especially with GMO grain exports being turned down, often due to unapproved crop varieties being pushed into foreign markets.

GMO Aquabounty Salmon update from Canada is at odds with US FDA safety and health assessments  –

Preventive medicine begins in the soil! Find out why here

EXCELLENT AUDIO! Dr. Robert Kremer is a Professor of Soil Microbiology, University of Missouri, and recently retired after a 32-year USDA career as a microbiologist. He spoke with Food Integrity Now about the problems he has observed  and studied over the past 18 years with transgenic crops (GMOs) and Glyphosate. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp is the most widely used herbicide in the world. Will USDA devote resources to continue Dr. Kremer’s vital work?  Please visit Food Integrity Now link for more details.

Dr. Kremer talks about Glyphosate and mechanisms by which it creates harmful impacts, as well as the mostly untested “inert” ingredients in RoundUp (which have been shown to have biological impacts).  He also discusses  transgenic horizontal gene transfer occurring in the soil, outside of the GMO plant.  He comments on newly engineered GMO seed designed to withstand 2,4-D and glyphosate spray,  and says funding needs to be devoted to more studies addressing  problems existing within the GMO crop system, an area inadequately covered by industry & government. Also more from Dr. Kremer on  GMO soils impacts

New study shows RoundUp and other GMO herbicides contribute to antibiotic resistance. This was the first study of its kind on antibiotics and herbicide impacts, and it surprised researchers.  Exposure of E.coli and Salmonella bacteria to commercial formulations of RoundUp, Dicamba, and 2,4-D herbicides “were found to induce a changed response to antibiotics”.  “In most cases, we saw increased resistance even to important clinical antibiotics,” Professor Heinemann says.

Hear Biotech expert Dr. Thierry Vrain on why genetic engineeering is FLAWED in design and is not the answer to feeding the world.

Why did he speak out? After retiring as Canadian Genetic Engineer, head of a Biotechnology Group in government, and Soil Biologist of Agriculture Canada, he was able to express concerns (after reviewing valid independent science studies showing serious issues with GMO technology). He now feels a responsibilty to speak up about the dangers of the technology and says the future of agriculture is not with Genetic Engineering technology:

***Hear  Dr. Vrain explain GMOs including Nutritional Status of GMO crops***

Dr. Vrain tells basis of  his scientific GMO flawed science concerns

Nutritional Update on GMO 

Ted X talk 

NEW BOOK SHOWS FLAWED FDA FOUNDATION OF GE CROPS AND FOODS     US Government and Science Fraud over GMO exposed by Public Interest Attorney Steven Druker


Important updated reference now available from Great Britain!   GMO Myths and Truths

– an evidence- based comprehensive review of GMO science


>>>>>Audio update from Dr. Don Huber on GMO, Glyphosate, Bee Colony Collapse Disorder:


>>>>>National Academy of Sciences is reviewing Genetically Engineered Crops           

Jan. 27, 2015 webinar  For latest information, click the link below:


No Scientific Consensus on GMO Safety Statement Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal

The statement signed by over 300 scientists and legal experts was published in Environmental Sciences Europe.

Over 53 health related and scientific organizations, including physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dieticians, state and national health organizations, Union of Concerned Scientists and other independent scientists and science groups, public health associations, holistic practitioners and many more from around the globe are speaking up about GMO safety concerns.  Click below to find out what they are saying:


Berlin, 7 January 2014

Labeling of GM foods ineffective without traceability

Both traceability and labeling vital for food and environmental safety

No evidence that prices to consumers increase due to these measures

ENSSER supports a system in which GMOs can be fully traced, identified, assessed and monitored


GMO Crop System Toxicity Evidence Mounts Despite Special Interest Muzzling Efforts


Click on this link to go to this informative Huber video


Leading toxicology and GMO expert,  Purdue University Professor, retired USDA 40 year career scientist, speaks out about the latest research, health, environment harms, and dangers of GMO crops and chemicals, with associated genetic engineering mutations and the flawed science accompanying the genetically engineered crop technology.

He refers to GMO foods as a chronic toxin, much more far-reaching than the health harms caused by tobacco.  He reviews the high costs of the failing and flawed genetically engineered monoculture crops that industry special interests don’t want the public to know about.  He refers to a “lost generation” regarding children’s health due to the chronic and toxic effects of genetically engineered foods and chemicals. His world recognized career research underscores  the importance of consumers having a  right to know genetically engineered foods and ingredients via mandatory genetically engineered food labeling.


AMA Policy H-480.958 on Genetically Modified Crops and Foods item #4:

“Our AMA supports mandatory pre-market systematic safety assessments of bioengineered foods and encourages: (a) development and validation of additional techniques for the detection and/or assessment of unintended effects; (b) continued use of methods to detect substantive changes in nutrient or toxicant levels in bioengineered foods as part of a substantial equivalence evaluation; (c) development and use of alternative transformation technologies to avoid utilization of antibiotic resistance markets that code for clinically relevant antibiotics, where feasible; and (d) that priority should be given to basic research in food allergenicity to support the development of improved methods for identifying potential allergens.  The FDA is urged to remain alert to new data on the health consequences of bioengineered foods and update…

12/10/13 UPDATE: More Scientists and Experts Sign Statement Proclaiming NO CONSENSUS ON GMO SAFETY-  ENSSER PressRelease

European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENNSER), 10 Dec 2013

The number of scientists and experts who have signed a joint statement[1] saying that GM foods have not been proven safe and that existing research raises concerns has climbed to 297 since the statement was released on 21 October.

10/21/13 UPDATE: A group of 93 scientists from all over the world deplore the disinformation over the safety of GMOs and expose the lack of empirical and scientific evidence on which the false claims of “consensus” on safety are being made.

For more details, go to



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