Genetically Engineered Food, Crop, Chemical Bans…

Putting  politics over authentic science may not produce viable results in the long run – US plant breeder scientific testimony before the National Academy of Sciences review of genetically engineered plants indicated American plant breeders are already having a problem maintaining pure nonGMO infiltrated breeding stock needed for GMO crop production.  Doesn’t this ultimately give Russia and other countries banning GMO crops an advantageous position over the long run because it already has become difficult to find pure breeding stock necessary to begin new GMO crop breeding programs?  In 2016 Russia’s State Duma introduced a total ban on the cultivation and breeding in Russia of genetically modified (GM) plants and animals, except for scientific research purposes. However, this is not an anti-GMO stance, it is a stance that adheres to the precautionary principle and is in line with over 30 other countriesaround the world.The Russian Government managed to stand strong in the face of increasing pressure from U.S. biotech companies and they also managed to see through the Russian pro-GMO forces’ misleading claims and pseudoscience. ” To continue reading click here

Ban action in Bermuda, Argentina, Malta

Ukraine supports more GMO crop moratorium/bans as GMO contamination persists

Spanish regions ban glyphosate adding to a long list of Glyphosate bans and restrictions in regions and municipalities all around the world!

VOTE GOES AGAINST GLYPHOSATE RENEWAL IN EUROPE!  MEPs want the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority to “immediately disclose all the scientific evidence that has been a basis for the positive classification of glyphosate and the proposed re-authorisation, given the overriding public interest in disclosure”.“Glyphosate has been classified as probably carcinogenic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). While the industry claimed that the substance can be completely metabolised, it is now clear that glyphosate residues are everywhere: in the environment, in many products we consume every day, in our bodies.” “The re-authorisation of glyphosate for another 15 years, as proposed by the European Commission, is irresponsible and unacceptable.


French and German retail outlets put bans on toxic glyphosate (active ingredient used in RoundUp) due to WHO cancer finding and customer health concerns.

BASF company downsizing plant biotechnology operations around the world:


“The law is a victory for the international movements for agroecology and food sovereignty because it bans transgenic (GMO) seed while protecting local seed from privatization. The law is also a product of direct participatory democracy”.To continue reading click

With rising chronic kidney disease levels scientifically linked to glyphosate,Sri Lanka is the 2nd country to ban it  Toxic amounts of chemicals are increasingly being found on US crops. Who wants to unknowingly consume these toxic chemicals like Glyphosate, Neonicotinoids, POEA, and just approved 2,4-D era biocidal chemicals the “defoliants” used in Vietnam?

Get the facts, not the bull !

Oregon 15-119 Ordinance to Ban Growing of Some “Genetically-Engineered” (defined) Plants (by initiative petition)


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